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Valerie Voon

Neuropsychiatrist and Principal Investigator at University of Cambridge

Compulsive sexual behaviour and pornography: towards a neurobiological model

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Compulsive sexual behaviours can be highly problematic associated with marked distress and psychosocial dysfunction. The behaviour is commonly hidden and associated with shame and stigma. The disorder has been recently included in the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases, 11th Revision, under the category of Impulse Control Disorder. This talk focuses on a specific form of the behaviour, compulsive pornography use. I will discuss a series of studies deconstructing underlying mechanisms relevant to addiction theories in experimental studies.


Dr Voon is a Medical Research Council Senior Clinical Fellow, Neuropsychiatrist and Principal Investigator at the University of Cambridge. She is a professor at Fudan University. She focuses on neural mechanisms underlying disorders of compulsivity and addictions using multimodal techniques with a specific focus on neuromodulation.

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